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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

after the fox

i like foxes.

you knew that right ?

a shop i visited recently had more than it's fair share
this lad was in the window

so was this tea-towel

here's another of the lad who was in the window

and three of his friends

tote bag fox
i must admit. this style of fox illustration is not my favourite.

i like this one though

badges ?
the treasure of the sierra madre.

right ?

another fox
no... i'm not that keen on this one either.

nice ears.
friendly fox, right ?

wise fox ?

angry fox

badly drawn fox

nice heart, decent trees. rubbish foxes

more friendly foxes

complicated slightly sly foxes

quite a human fox

dancing foxes. perfect
plus i like it when animals wear clothes.
also when they stand on their hind legs.

saving the best for last
a slightly quizzical fox.
nicely orange too.

after the fox

a gem from sellers.

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