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Monday, 25 March 2013

new coffee machine

one last birthday present arrived at whitfield towers a couple of weeks ago.


it came in three parts.

part one.
a big bag of coffee.
brasil's finest.

parts two and three
the coffee "machine" and a tin coffee mug...
an orange tin coffee mug.

as those meerkats would say... simples
what a genius invention.

just pour some freshly ground coffee into the filter
and some onto the kitchen surface

then pour on some boiling water

and sing a little song to yourself while the beautiful brown liquid pours through
into the orange mug.
i usually like to go with 'push it' by salt 'n' pepa
or maybe even 'mack the knife' by bobby darin.
i suppose i should have ended with a photo of the coffee in the mug
but even though the coffee looked as black as my heart and the mug is
my favourite colour ( or if you're in the usa, 'colour' )
i couldn't wait to try the coffee... my birthday coffee.

and the verdict ?

two enthusiastic thumbs up.

who needs nespresso when you've got this brasilian bit of kit ?

( many thanks to la niña for this )

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  1. Have you had a birthday? Shit! I missed it. You should let us know....... cont. p.94