snapshots and observations

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

in the name of all that's holy !

leave me alone... i'm having a nightmare...
a quick self-portrait at lounge lover yesterday.
this was seconds after bad twin phoned to tell me that all the sandwiches
at the shop around the corner had salad in them.

a message from gooner jeff

i received a picture and a text message or two from gooner jeff
last night not long after the man utd v bayern munich game ended.
i liked his imagination running riot, that doctors could quickly
assess the injury and announce that rooney would be out for 
six years !

too busy to blog

sorry. this is a really busy week for me.
shooting every day, editing all night.
not much time to blog.

however, you know i always find time for a self-portrait...
myself and bad twin taking a break during an amazing shoot yesterday.

more from this shoot to follow.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

the return of the dude

no caption necessary
the dude is back

catching up...

i had a shoot at buddha bar on friday
in a shock move i didn't find time to do a self-portrait.

no blog monday

blogspot was having technical problems on monday.
it would not allow photo's to be posted.

Sunday, 28 March 2010


jess's friends and my assistants, twin 1 and twin 2
( who are listed in my phone as good twin and bad twin )
had their 21st birthdays a few days ago.
belated happy birthday from mr whitfield


with a gentle nod to the sunnier weather, i wore my
nike blazer premium sb ( fly milk ) kicks today.
teamed with my blue stussy / dickies workpants
( only available in japan )

we headed off to marylebone high street and stopped at orrery
for a latte...

and a toasted ham and cheese croissant
no salad... perfect.

we had a butchers at the jeremy scott adidas range in selfridges.
check this out... a matador track suit !
i really liked the trousers, but they were £290
( the jacket was £590 )


Saturday, 27 March 2010

london by bus

today we took the 17 to st pauls, then over the bridge to the tate
modern to check out the gorky exhibition.

i was going to wear my desert boots but it looked like rain,
so it was on with the trusty black yeezys

jackie was packing some heat too...
limited edition tigers
with a picture of her sister helen on the heel tab.

we stopped at the table, where i opted for eggs ben
i didn't know what those little green things were...
so i played safe.

i ordered up a latte with three shots
then we hit the tate...

afterwards we walked down fleet street...
hmmm... the old express building is a beauty.

then we caught a 23 to regent street...

and checked out the haunch of venison, where i witnessed
a violent street battle
it looked like south london to me
maybe lewisham high street ?

this was a great idea, a whole wall filled with close-up photo's
of people's shirt pockets. i couldn't find any information on it
but from having a close look, i think they were mumbai taxi
drivers shirt pockets. very impressive anyway.

then we got the 38 to islington and the 271 home.

travel by bus !

big bird

this is the bird that kept getting in my shots when i was
photographing the view of hong kong from the peak last week.
i wished it had flown alongside a big tape measure or something
because although i'm sure it doesn't look very big here, trust me,
it was enormous. i'd say it had a wingspan of some 20 feet !
well ok, maybe i'm exaggerating, but it was so big that it was 
kind of scary. when it came close overhead some people shrieked.
oh, also it cast a big shadow over us when it flew by.

( i wasn't one of the people who shrieked by the way )

hong kong shopping

heaps of fake burberry on the streets of hong kong
pretty blatant when it's in a proper shop, not just a market stall.

fake gucci was rife in the markets
couldn't find the man-bag i wanted though !

louis vuitton was real enough
and expensive enough.

i love g-shocks, but i managed to resist
grrr !

food and drink was plentiful in mong kok

these little fellas are drinks in a vending machine

some interesting magazines on street corners...
i was thinking about buying the head porter mag. it came with a free tote
bag... but it did cost about £22

i was also thinking about buying this for jess...

the trainer game was poor. so little heat on display that i actually
gave a bit of thought to buying these...
but like my friend gerry on a night out, i kept my wallet in my pocket.

Friday, 26 March 2010

i have no idea

i have no idea what this is supposed to be.
it was a little vending machine that dispenses toys to
be attached onto mobile phones or similar things.
but what is it supposed to be ?
surely not ?

thanks jen.

this is jennifer
a friend of jess's who very kindly showed me around hong kong last sunday.

i had not just said anything inappropriate here.
jess assures me that this is a classic jen expression.

view from the peak

here's a view from the peak in hong kong that i cobbled together
from 12 or so individual shots.

and here's a cropped version

view from my hotel

here's the view from room 1821 at the eaton hotel, jordan, hong kong.
it took about 20 pics edited together to make it look this bad.

Thursday, 25 March 2010


i have a bit of a confession to make.

when i was in hong kong last week...
on sunday evening just before watching the man utd v liverpool game...

i was absolutely hank marvin.

i needed something quick, didn't want room service, so i popped
out over the road and brought this back to my room...
for the first time in over five years, i went to mcdonalds !

double fillet of fish sandwich and medium fries.

( hangs head in shame )

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

the road to leeds

i drove up to leeds yesterday to bring jess back from uni.

somewhere along the a1 i got the munchies and pulled over 
at this place... the truck stop cafe.
i was a bit upset to see they weren't flying the union jack.

check out the spacious interior. not bad at all.

the usual suspects...

i opted for a bacon, sausage and egg sandwich
which was ok,

and a black coffee...
which turned out to be the kate moss of coffees !

things i brought back from hong kong

i bought a really nice camera strap from a shop called silly thing.
it was made for them by a japanese leather company
called roberu. the main bit of the strap is made out of wool
and it's an extremely limited edition.
it came with this little note...

i bought these bruce lee figures from a market near my hotel
£2 for the set

this travel document wallet came free with a bathing ape mag.
surprisingly good for a freebie

a domo-kun purse and plush figure from a little japanese shop

and also from the same shop this beauty...
ay caramba !
that's genius.

this also took my fancy...

and kit-kats...
royal milk tea editions

and also strawberry flavoured

this spongebob eyemask cost about 50p

and these posters were under a pound a pop

this big gorillaz poster didn't cost me a penny !

the most expensive purchase of the trip...
from the bapestore, a pair of desert boots.

do i count these as trainers ?
probably not.