snapshots and observations

Friday, 28 February 2014


i did some headshots for an actor.


well, you know the story.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

last thailand pics

i know...

some sort of beds in an infinity pool.
ok i suppose.

orange pillows too.

restaurant on the right, beach in the distance.

the beach... and mrs w
and an orange beanbag.

this was the view from reception, this the roof of the restaurant
you can't go and mooch around there, it's just to make the roof look
good i suppose.

sunset viewed from my lounge

the beach was pretty much like blackpool.

another view of that infinity pool thing

inside the restaurant

and again. the best table, which is pretty much on the beach.

ok, that wraps up my thailand pics.

no more to come... honestly.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

some iphone nonsense from new york and london

what do you think of these little key-rings ?
i really like them.
in fact...

no, i'll tell you at a later date
which are your favourites ?
on the first pic i'd say the one that says 'last ditch effort'
then on the above pic 'escape hatch'

and then...

and then...
er... no, not the one about the blog thank-you.
i'd go for the one that says 'special place

and finally...
oh come on... it has to be 'bollocksed'

moving on from these iphone pics that were in a new york shop by the way,
let's fast forward to some london iphone pics
mrs w trying on a new jacket, skirt and shoes in a shop in bond street.
you can see me skulking in the reflection of the mirror
( or mrrrrr if you're in the usa )

it was a sad day for soho and london... maybe even england and europe.
it was the final day of trading for bape.

naturally enough the whitfields ended up their saturday evening in the bull and last.

i've got to say though, the view wasn't that great.

what ?

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

socks actually

socks are a big deal here at whitfield towers.

i will have big sock news for you in a few weeks.

the above photo is from when i visited a sock factory in leicester
before christmas. i'll share a whole set of pics with you later in the week.

i'll also point you at a new website and blog and explain a little about the sock game.

until then and in a totally unrelated matter, i want to leave you with this clip.

this scene has been on my mind for a few days and although it's not as good as 
the "just a girl, standing in front of a boy" scene from notting hill
it does still leave me with a little lump.

the whereabouts of the aforementioned lump i'll leave to your imagination.


oh and did i ever mention how much i dislike the word "actually"
i probably dislike it even more than "basically"

Monday, 24 February 2014

more thailand iphone pics

ok let's get through the last of my thailand iphone pics.

oi oi !

some koi carp lads 

they always seem to be hungry don't they ?

on the beach with an n7 crab 

leaving the resort for phuket airport i spotted a really nice looking coffee stall.
perhaps this may have been the answer to my coffee nightmare ?

in the cab to the airport
i saw this accident waiting to happen

or perhaps it was an accident that had already happened ?

at bangkok airport waiting for a big camo case

checking in at the metropolitan hotel bangkok

panaramic type pic of the room

a lady frying teeny tiny eggs

t-shirt salesman taking a nap

a bloke making pink stuff

personally i prefer my food to be beige, so this tempted me more than
the pink stuff.

also i do like a bit of hot sauce with my street food.
this looked hot enough i suppose.

breakfast time is usually my favourite time of day.
note the schoolboy error of not stressing the importance of there
being anything green on my plate.

hello mr breakfast !

hanging around in the corridor waiting for the maid to finish cleaning the room.
note the n7 t-shirt.
it's one of only three made in black with the glow-in-the-dark logo.

goodbye to the metropolitan hotel.
goodbye to bangkok.
goodbye thailand.

maybe see you next year ?

Sunday, 23 February 2014

iphone new york

some iphone pics i took when i went to new york a couple of weeks ago.

in the lift at whitfield towers, going down to meet my cab at 4.30am.

breakfast at heathrow t5.
grapefruit, orange, raisins, sultanas, greek yoghurt and honey.
oj and no coffee.

going up in the lift at the hudson hotel

base for the weekend

some stone lads outside my hotel.
spot the one stone that the artist didn't place.

first flat white to revive me after the long flight.

becks flogging his kecks to the septics

after a meeting at the ace hotel i treated myself to flat white number 2.
it was worth the queue.

at the junction of broome and greene in soho i spotted an n7 sticker
and a sock club sticker, still in place from last september.

and on the fire hydrant underneath, a fading sock club sticker.

er... what's up with new yorkers ?
in england we would just write "please do not touch"

angel of the poor.

32 ounce denim.
that's right...

abraco coffee.
a tiny little joint with room for maybe 5 people standing inside.

bob esponja postbox.

asian girls wearing matching jackets.

bumping in to welsh girls in stüssy.

deciding to take the tube back to n7. feeling tired and cold.