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Thursday, 6 February 2014

iphone saturday

ok i know the wedding pics on the beach were iphone too
but let me just post a few other iphone bits from thailand.

leicester city merch at bangkok airport

i heard they hired a top designer to make the tote bags
but maybe i mis-heard.

finalhome was in thailand with me
taking a break from drinking beer

nice to see next season's official arsenal merchandise on sale
in fairness it's a better beanie than some proper arsenal stuff.

you know i like thai writing
and the colour orange.
so the phuket museum was a win / win for me.

oh, i saw a chinese typewriter there
yikes !

nice cafe next door to the museum.
it has a few mosquitos but it also has good light.

my hat, t-shirt and shorts.
three different camos.

talking of shorts

i supplied the wood print material and a tailor made me a pair of shorts
what do you reckon ?

no wood gags please
although it might be good to hear the wooden car joke one more time...

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