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Sunday, 23 February 2014

iphone new york

some iphone pics i took when i went to new york a couple of weeks ago.

in the lift at whitfield towers, going down to meet my cab at 4.30am.

breakfast at heathrow t5.
grapefruit, orange, raisins, sultanas, greek yoghurt and honey.
oj and no coffee.

going up in the lift at the hudson hotel

base for the weekend

some stone lads outside my hotel.
spot the one stone that the artist didn't place.

first flat white to revive me after the long flight.

becks flogging his kecks to the septics

after a meeting at the ace hotel i treated myself to flat white number 2.
it was worth the queue.

at the junction of broome and greene in soho i spotted an n7 sticker
and a sock club sticker, still in place from last september.

and on the fire hydrant underneath, a fading sock club sticker.

er... what's up with new yorkers ?
in england we would just write "please do not touch"

angel of the poor.

32 ounce denim.
that's right...

abraco coffee.
a tiny little joint with room for maybe 5 people standing inside.

bob esponja postbox.

asian girls wearing matching jackets.

bumping in to welsh girls in stüssy.

deciding to take the tube back to n7. feeling tired and cold.

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