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Sunday, 2 February 2014

phuket old town

proper photos today.

15 snapshots taken in phuket town a couple of weeks ago.
it is a lovely old town with lots of colour and lots of character.

a little van i spotted outside a coffee shop.
this would be my ideal company vehicle, though i'd probably
prefer it in a bright orange colour.

i always like to photograph postboxes when i'm overseas.
there's always something interesting about them to me.

then again i like postboxes in the uk too.

no idea.

street art ?

some petals in a bowl outside a shop

some kid really enjoying his drink.

extravagant door handles.

grrr ! i really want a chihuahua.

this one was on guard like a boss

maybe i should have done a closer up shot but these weighing scales
were so beautiful. all in bright colours with interesting details on the faces.

a lady selling pineapples and bananas on the street.

i love thai writing.
have you ever watched the lady in the thai restaurant write down your order ?
you say "one chicken mussaman" and she writes these really nice letters
with squiggles and things on them.
it always impresses me
( as does a chicken mussaman )

what i'm trying to show with these photos is that phuket town was 
a lovely little place full of colour
 ( and coffee shops with wi-fi )

wait a minute...
nice warm light, thai writing and a gap on the right hand side...
can you guess what's coming next ?

boom !

how do you like me now ?

i've just tried telling you what a great place it was.
it was sunny and warm. lots of friendly people, coffee shops and wi-fi
and still i manage to look miserable.


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