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Thursday, 6 February 2014

wedding pics from phuket town

here are a few pics of a wedding shoot i spotted in phuket town a few weeks ago

the bride

the groom


three photographers

four if you count me

fed up with all the photographers, the bride scarpered
and left the photographers behind.

except for me

a little while later i spotted another wedding shoot
at that most traditional of wedding photograph locations...
a roundabout in the middle of town

what the what ?!

that traditional piggy-back on a traffic island shot i suppose.

that's more like it

after a while i left them to it,
but funnily enough i bumped into the wedding group again a little while later
walking down the street
i was going to ask her if she wanted a piggy-back
but i thought it might get lost in translation.

no kidding, about two minutes later i bumped into another wedding shoot
what's the hampden ?

is phuket town twinned with santorini or something ?

so then i went to grab a coffee but guess what i spotted on the way ?

that's right
oh no ! a wedding photographer wearing crocs.

that's a dealbreaker !

i nipped to the shop next door and pretended to look at the postcards

but i wasn't fooling anybody.

anyway, all in all it was a good day for me. i managed to photograph
a few wedding photographers and grab some excellent coffee.

don't listen to what the cab drivers tell you about phuket town by the way.
it really is a cracking little place, well worth spending a few hours there.

maybe even get married there ?

what ?

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