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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

where was i ?

oh yes... tokyo... omotesando koffee
i was given my flat white

and took it outside to drink
and to relax in the little garden right in the middle of tokyo's
busiest district but somehow in the most peaceful and quiet place in the city.

later, i took a walk to see the bapeland exhibition
and to have a butchers at nigo's jam jars

bape camo everywhere

it's great camo but i'm not sure about covering a mercedes in it.

in the basement of the exhibition was a little bape cafe
where the price was right.
free drinks and doughnuts.

krispy kreme x bape doughnuts
this was about two and a bit hours after i landed in tokyo.
i was dog tired but after a couple of flat whites, a bottle of coke and a doughnut,
funnily enough i felt a little more alive.

more to come from tokyo tomorrow, but for today, while i feel like i owe you a few pics
and i've certainly been neglecting my blog duties, here are a few iphone pics from thailand.

ok, i get the feeling i've shown this pic before.
it was at the aleenta resort in phang nga and i remember being impressed
that the fish matched my new trainers.

sunset view from my private-ish pool
it was shared with the two apartments either side but was pretty much a private pool.
nobody ever got in when i was in anyway... perhaps if i'd worn shorts they would have though ?

my watch
a rolex daytona that mrs w bought for my birthday last year.
 the best birthday present ever.

some breakfast nonsense at the allenta resort
this was all well and good but to be honest i just wanted a decent coffee.

oh, and somebody to knock me up a decent omelette.
is that too much to expect in paradise ?

oh and finally for today. you know i always moan about the iphone's camera.
well you know i always moan ?

well anyway, i'd have to say, this is probably my favourite ever iphone pic
that i've taken.
no filters or photoshop blur nonsense, just a bird's eye view of a bottle of beer.

until tomorrow then.

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