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Wednesday, 12 February 2014


you have no idea how much this has annoyed me.
for the first time in memory ( well my memory anyway )
i somehow went a day without a blog post.

i blame this on time travel.

i was in new york from friday to monday ( or was it tuesday ? )
and somewhere along the line i lost a day.

so today, which i reckon is wednesday, i will have to do two posts
to get back on track with the one post per day thing.

ok... let me tell you about my new blanket.
it's grey. i like grey because it contrasts nicely with my jet black hair.

i like the stitching on the edges of blankets.
i wonder if they have a special name at all ?

i know that traditionally welsh blankets are the best in the world
but i bought this one for two reasons.
1 because i like the pattern and the material is top notch

but the other reason was because of the name of the blanket
heck yes

it's an n7 blanket
skill !

and it comes in a lovely box
which would you believe ? is where it still is.

i'm waiting until this mild weather turns into cold before i debut it.

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