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Monday, 17 February 2014

photos from tokyo last november

as promised.

this was a little bridge over the main road near my hotel in shibuya.
i took this photo because there was still an n7 sticker on it from my previous visit.

as with my previous trip to tokyo, the first thing i did after checking in at my hotel
was to go to this place on a quiet little side street behind omotesando hills.
this hangs outside a little courtyard next to an unassuming wooden hut

the wooden hut is of course
omotesando koffee

inside this chap smiled at me and told me he remembered me
and said "flat white"
i nearly cried.

here's the flat white he made for me
it was skill

oh... i have to go for my dinner
( or if you're up north, i have to go for me tea )

more tomorrow

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