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Friday, 21 February 2014

friday lie day

well it wasn't exactly a lie.

i did intend to do a nice special funny post today but i've been editing all day
and now it's 6.30pm and i just have to throw some old pics together.

curry up.
my favourite curry joint in tokyo.

a flat white somewhere in tokyo.

some stickers on a road sign.
considering i'd say the japanese are the most polite people i've ever met
( apart from the welsh )
i'd have to say putitng stickers on roadsigns is pretty rude.

more rudeness from the japanese at a bus stop

this is not rude.
it's art.

dagflabbit !
i love the japanese vending machines.
this one even had wifi

it's such a shame that they wouldn't work in the uk.
in tokyo they are on every street corner.
genius things with magic drinks.

lupin the third !

lupin the third's love interest.

i cant be bothered with sushi.
but i like this logo at a sushi place.
it's pretty much the face i make if somebody suggests going to a sushi restaurant.

some japanese people at the shibuya crossing making a sign for their friend
who was in the starbucks which overlooks it.

if anybody out there speaks japanese please let me know what it means.

is it some sort of happy birthday thing ?

no doubt they're off now to put a load of stickers on signposts.

my friend james with an n7 beanie

a dog wearing a nice coat.

wait a minute...

have  shown you these pics before ?


let's call it a day then.

perhaps a new post tomorrow with new pics.

key word 'perhaps'

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