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Saturday, 1 February 2014

mobile blog day

what can I say ?

I'm being lazy today so back to mobile blogging.

this was a big deal in n7 a few days ago.
I was outside whitfield towers when a bus driver on his first day on the job decided to take the 271 down manor gardens.

ouch !

also this week

I was given some new socks.
camo and orange touches.
what's not to like ?

this morning I went to the bull and last for breakfast.

schoolboy error. I forgot to give the waitress my "no greens" lecture

this is what I left

obviously my hair will never be curly but whatever.

in a shock move, the bull and last have a barista who has some flat white moves


while there I read the guardian mag...

which was full of the same old stories.

then I came home to supervise my windows being re-fitted.

leave it !

( long story )

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