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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

guest book

in each apartment at the aleenta resort in phang nga, thailand,
there is a guest book.

so rather than a general guest book about a hotel or resort you 
kind of get to see a more personal book.
in this book are things written only by other people who have stayed in 
the very same apartment.

in my book there were some sketches that previous holiday makers
had done. views from the deck that were the same view i would have each night.
also mentions of certain things in the apartment that perhaps weren't in 
some of the other rooms.

most pages were filled with gushing compliments about the place
and the resort, others kept it brief and just said 'great place, we will return'
the usual stuff really i suppose.

there was this one piece though... over two pages...

i know it seems a little rude to show here but what the heck, it's nothing personal
and the person wrote it knowing others would see it anyway.
plus i've pixellated the names.

what do you think ? 

page 1

page 2


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