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Friday, 14 February 2014

learning to love yourself.

in a hotel room in thailand
me and mrs w posing for an official portrait on my birthday

i didn't like to mention it but my birthday was on january 13th.

on a beach in thailand
a less formal portrait, with less formal hair.

although the previous two portraits were nice enough,
i must admit i prefer this one.
not because it's just me, but for the reason that...

ok... i like it better because it's just me.

what ?

ok, moving on...
as you know, i don't like talking about my birthday but
the people of thailand were so happy to have me as a guest during january
that they decided to shut down bangkok on my birthday

and to print loads of t-shirts especially to celebrate the anniversary
of that fantastic day in the north of england 30 years ago when i was born...
what ?

yes, the people of bangkok really got into celebrating my birthday this year
it was all about january 13th

yes sir
ok... is this joke wearing a bit thin now ?

i thought so.

oh well, i'll pack it in here then for today.

tomorrow maybe i'll show you some more pics from thailand.

thailand... where i spent my birthday this year

( 13th january )

late gifts and birthday cards accepted until june 2014

learning to love yourself...

is the greatest love of all.

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