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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

pics from yesterday and today ( mainly iphone pics i'm afraid )

yesterday i was up north.

well you know what i had to eat don't you ?
chips, fish, mushy peas and curry sauce.

magic darts !

at my mum's house i met a small visitor with a very smart jacket
his name was pepe.
i believe he was named after the ex-liverpool goalkeeper pepe reina.

i'm trying to work in a gag about clean sheets here but it's not quite working for me.

when i was up north i took two essentials with me
a thermos flask and a beanie.
not just any thermos flask though... this is a special fragment design x starbucks b-side
thermos flask, available only in limited numbers at one store in harajuku, tokyo.
was it any good at keeping my coffee warm ?


to be honest i think my coffee would have stayed warmer if i'd just poured it into my beanie.
oh, the beanie is a limited edition of course. only 10 in the world.

this morning i went to get my hair cut.
sadly jimmy had spent a load of money on new framed photos for the walls of 
the place. mainly signed photos of arsenal players.

so all the while i was getting my barnet sorted i had to look at this 
in the mirror.
the merse in his signature celebration pose.
as you can see from the reflection, i wasn't that taken with the thing.
£80 too !

straight after my crop i went to a shot in mayfair.
it was at what i'd call a posh mexican restaurant.
do you like mexican food ?
i really like it.
sadly i didn't see any mexican people there. the girl on reception was polish,
the barman was italian and i met a few other staff members who were also
italian, polish and in a shock move english... no mexicans though.

i liked some of the details in the place
a beaded skull.
not bad.

and another

i'd like one of these bad boys on a shelf at the towers to be honest
i wonder how much they cost ?

oh, i nearly forgot
there i am.
looking miserable with a new haircut and wearing mexico edition af-1's.


more nonsense tomorrow of course, and i promise... no more self-portraits 

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