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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

some iphone nonsense from new york and london

what do you think of these little key-rings ?
i really like them.
in fact...

no, i'll tell you at a later date
which are your favourites ?
on the first pic i'd say the one that says 'last ditch effort'
then on the above pic 'escape hatch'

and then...

and then...
er... no, not the one about the blog thank-you.
i'd go for the one that says 'special place

and finally...
oh come on... it has to be 'bollocksed'

moving on from these iphone pics that were in a new york shop by the way,
let's fast forward to some london iphone pics
mrs w trying on a new jacket, skirt and shoes in a shop in bond street.
you can see me skulking in the reflection of the mirror
( or mrrrrr if you're in the usa )

it was a sad day for soho and london... maybe even england and europe.
it was the final day of trading for bape.

naturally enough the whitfields ended up their saturday evening in the bull and last.

i've got to say though, the view wasn't that great.

what ?

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