snapshots and observations

Saturday, 31 May 2014

something for the weekend

i saw some deconstructed mcdonalds artwork the other day.

this is kind of nice

as is this one of my favourite mcdonalds offering
the fillet o' fish.

this arrived at the towers a couple of days ago
an illustration of my favourite person.
what's not to like ?

at a meeting in clerkenwell the other day,
during a quiet moment i took a photo of my converse.
for a simple sneaker you can't beat the converse chuck taylor.
these are the seventies style chucks.
just a few refinements... little details which make a big difference.

my business associate was also wearing converse
the new mason martin margiela jack purcells.

the chap who was showing us around the premises wore big boy shoes
i think he was feeling what's known as "converse envy"

talking of shoes
here's the latest instalment of the me v robo-cat shoe battle.
( i'm the one on the right )

and here's robo-cat later on auditioning for a fire fighting role

don't ask.

Friday, 30 May 2014


don't ask

Thursday, 29 May 2014

sunday breakfast

breakfast at whitfield towers on sunday
blueberries ( spanish )
raspberries ( english )
greek yoghurt ( greek )

then the finishing touch
honey from...

well, guess where from.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

iphone wednesday

a few iphone pics as it's an even busier day than yesterday.

here's something from black tuesday
which shows a little of why i was late blogging and why yesterday's post
was cheaper than ever.

a flat tyre which i noticed just as i was about to drive to a shoot in sw3.

in the end i got a cab to my shoot and changed the wheel
when i got back to the towers.
it only took me 5 or 6 hours to change the wheel and i was in a corking good mood 
when i finished.

earlier in the day i debuted my new iphone fisheye lens
it's very wide as you can see.

the next photo i took from the top of the stairs looking down.
from throughout the beaded curtains which are in the centre of the above pic,
towards the top of the frame.

so... the previous shot was taken from the square table at the top right hand side.
interesting venue and so far i'm mighty impressed with the iphone lenses.

back to standard phone camera when i got outside after my shoot
hmmm... i do like the odd scotch egg.

and i do like seeing my reflection
oh and i do like those new routemasters.

i won't lie though... i'm not a fan of knightsbridge.

i'm a fan of converse
as you can see by my smile.

but i'm not a fan of south london
as you can see by my hand signals.

ok, let's pack in here for today. 
i should be home alone editing all day tomorrow so i will come up 
with a proper post...

well, that's the plan.

until then then.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


today's #camotuesday contribution.
abonymousism camo socks teamed with converse chuck taylor lows.

talking of footwear
that's me on the right.

a portrait of the artist

playing with depth of field.

in black and white as this frame was lit by the neon sign.

the artist descending a staircase.

and finally,
a sticker for sock club.

more hastily cobbled together blogging tomorrow.
perhaps i'll explain then why today's was so rushed.

Monday, 26 May 2014

socks and the city ( a cheap and easy bank holiday post )

i was given some billionaire boys club socks a while back
i do like a nice bit of sock packaging... or labelling.

exclusive socks.

hmmm indeed.

in fairness these are pretty decent.
dollars and diamonds by bbc.

fun for all the family

stickers included.
what a touch.

we still need to talk about sock club by the way.

some af-1's a lot of people went crazy for, but i passed on.

some af-1's a lot of people went crazy for, including me.

my new iphone case with screw in fisheye lens, dimmable light and tripod.

not bad.

a gift from god's own country.

and a reminder that tomorrow is #camotuesday on instagram.


are the names to follow.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

the artist

i went to the degree show of a certain artist on thursday.
at central st. martin's.

an artist that some of you may well remember from her
appearances on my blog a couple of years ago.

this was her show.

it was titled "you'll get it eventually" and the central piece was a neon 
sign spelling out those words.
i showed it yesterday and you can see it in some of these iphone pics,
it's just that it bleaches out.

here are some shots of her paintings,
i won't try to explain about them.

the reason i won't explain about her paintings is that she doesn't want them
to be explained.
it was her idea that if you look at them

it certainly seemed like a popular show
grayson perry turned up and took an interest.
he loved the neon sign.
he said to his friend "you'll get it eventually... that's clever"

he agreed to pose up with robocat

then i took one of her by herself

but i saved the best for last
what ?

so there you have it. 
my talented former assistant.

let's just call her my friend.
the artist.