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Thursday, 8 May 2014

thursday work

i'm in a rush again.

so here are a few pics i just edited.

er...  some sort of whisk

this reminds me of a joke my friend elvis told me in seville a few years ago.
but it's a joke i can't really tell you here.

you can email me or text if you really feel like you want to know it.

in all honesty i can't remember what was going on with these photos.
it was a while ago now.
all i remember is that i spent a whole day photographing breakfasts
and it was absolutely magic darts !

here's one of the breakfasts.
it's one i wouldn't eat though as it contains mushrooms and tomatoes.

i really wanted to show you another music video today but my youtube is still
playing up.
is anyone else having the same problem ?
when i search for something all the names come up but no thumbnails of the videos.
plus when i click on share to get the embedding code, nothing happens.

grrr !

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