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Thursday, 1 May 2014

gone girl and what not

some pics.

a t-shirt i'm kind of interested in.
mainly for the slogan.

another slogan. this time on a key tag.
this slogan, or rather the idea to utilise the phrase "no apologies, no regrets"
as the key slogan for sockclublondon was one of my better ideas of 2013.
now the socks and the accessories are almost ready for the public to snap up.

stay tuned for details.

or if you're into the whole instagram thing...

i think this was on the island the other week.
me getting ready to photograph some breakfast stuff.

this was on tuesday this week.
getting ready to photograph some food.
this was taken with one of the cameras i used.

and this with the other.

here's an out-take from the shoot.
it would have been easy enough to re-touch but i had a better frame anyway.
the green thing in the bottom left corner is g-fog's fingernail.

and finally today, because it's been a big topic of conversation between the 
various members of the whitfield family...

the trailer for "gone girl"

would you like me to tell you all about the book ?

oh... ok.

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