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Friday, 23 May 2014

friday ( on my new mac )

it's been a rushed day sorting out this new mac.
so, no real theme today, just a few pics cobbled together. maybe even 
a tune as well if i can find something from my shameful iTunes library.

sock club sticker on the streets of n7

margaret howell socks, missoni x converse sneakers
great work by mrs w.

one of my favourite pairs of socks. almost four years old now.
i bought these just before the last world cup.

one last sock pic for today. some camo efforts from happy socks.

a breakfast gap i had on the a1 the other day.
bacon, sausage, black pudding and egg.

new af-1's.
these are corkers.

that's right.
next level iphoneography in n7.

and finally, a song of shame from my iTunes library.
prime time by the tubes

genius !

what ?

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