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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

more up catching

some sockclub stickers arrived at the towers
not bad !

i stuck one on a flat white i had in wc1.
dreaming of the day in the future when sockclub opens up a
coffee shop selling socks.

rubbish weather but i survived with this fine umbrella that i was given
on a shoot a couple of years ago.
a very nice and sturdy bit of kit.


a genius snack from last week

er... an adidas clima cool football shirt that came free with a magazine
a few years ago.
what an excellent magazine freebie.

a new wobbly turned up at whitfield towers last saturday.
i thought about installing it...
but i went out for a thai meal instead.

there seems something wrong with eating thai food on a saturday
lunchtime... don't you think ?

especially if you're with your mother-n-law and you look at the menu and see...


great choice of sauce at the thai joint ( janetira )

not such a great choice of crisps in waitrose

after getting home on saturday evening i figured it was time to set up the new wobbly
just in time for eurovision !

sadly i couldn't hang it on the wall so i had to use the cheap stand that came with
it and balance the whole affair on a little table type thing.

did you watch eurovision ?
it was genius.

my ocd was very impressed with the russian entry.
two sisters joined together by their hair.

what's not to like ?

oh right... their song.


wait a minute...

i kind of like it !

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