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Saturday, 31 May 2014

something for the weekend

i saw some deconstructed mcdonalds artwork the other day.

this is kind of nice

as is this one of my favourite mcdonalds offering
the fillet o' fish.

this arrived at the towers a couple of days ago
an illustration of my favourite person.
what's not to like ?

at a meeting in clerkenwell the other day,
during a quiet moment i took a photo of my converse.
for a simple sneaker you can't beat the converse chuck taylor.
these are the seventies style chucks.
just a few refinements... little details which make a big difference.

my business associate was also wearing converse
the new mason martin margiela jack purcells.

the chap who was showing us around the premises wore big boy shoes
i think he was feeling what's known as "converse envy"

talking of shoes
here's the latest instalment of the me v robo-cat shoe battle.
( i'm the one on the right )

and here's robo-cat later on auditioning for a fire fighting role

don't ask.

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