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Sunday, 1 June 2014

shoes on the heath

a couple of weeks ago i was on hampstead heath and took a breather
on a bench.

i decided to photograph ( with my phone ) people's feet as they passed by.

here are some of the pics i took.


i know what you mean but don't knock it.
socks with sandals is supposed to be the big thing this summer.

fair enough.

again... not bad at all.

oh my bones !
reeboks spoiling the shot.

joder !
more reeboks 

af-1 mids ?
not bad.

sock game proper

nike x liberty air max 1's

that's the closest i've ever been to a pair of asics

dangerous lace game / accident waiting to happen

god !
i hate flip flops.

old school.
nice tongue by the way.

the dogs bollocks
( almost )

nice old adidas right there.

oh... that's the last one.

i should have ended on the dog picture shouldn't i ?

oh well.

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