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Saturday, 14 June 2014

back in time

this is shameful.

i meant to show you these pics months ago when myself and mrs.w
went to a martin parr themed pop-up restaurant.

all iphone photos i'm afraid, plus my memories of the evening may be
a little sketchy, but anyway, let's do it.

some photos in the bar area.

food photos in the restaurant 

no mushy peas...

all good stuff.

the pop-up restaurant was themed as rosie's cafe,
a sort of old school greasy spoon type place.
this was taken from my seat in the cafe. the part i'm looking at is a raised area
which was like a themed pub or bar.

what ?

great decorations. the whole place was like the things martin parr has photographed.

oh... the first course was this.

all the courses were recreations of famous martin parr photographs.

in the bar was a photo booth which used martin parr food photos as backgrounds.
more later.

the bar area

detail of one of the photos.

i like that round photo.

coasters and placemats in the bar

looking down from the bar to the restaurant.
this is when "rosie" the cafe owner came in and gave a talk about life running the cafe and some funny customers she's met over the years. including this photographer bloke called

more bar details

and again.

another course was scones with chilli jam.
there's a martin parr photo just like this. same sort of plate and tablecloth too.

next course was this.
no, not a cup of tea, but a lamb mussaman soup
poured into a teacup from a teapot.

here's the photo i took of mine.

and here's the original photo the dish was based on.

i should have pointed out already that each diner was given a book of martin parr postcards featuring all the dishes on the menu ( and a few others ) and the book is signed by 
martin parr.
genius !

next course was a pie.
i guess the original photo was of a cheap pie but these were all home made
gourmet pies.

dessert course was this. a lemon curd mousse.
based on a parr photo of course.

the lemon curd mousse thing was accompanied by a big home made biscuit
with a cherry in the middle.

the bathrooms were kind of 80's themed too.



none of these numbers worked by the way.

and finally.
me and mrs w in the photo booth with a baked beans backdrop and wind machine 
switched on.

if you ever get the chance to attend the martin parr pop-up restaurant i would
seriously recommend it.

good, food, great photos an a good laugh too.

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