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Saturday, 28 June 2014

saturday stuff

a little thing i bought at the pool in aoyama

the b-side.

mrs w's sock game


and cuffs

some ginger ale at the monocle cafe.
nice bottle eh ?

a sketch in la niƱa's notebook

some sort of creature at the marylebone fayre

and another.
i like this one's beard.

greetings cards is still big business in the con ran shop.
what goes on ? you just scan a page from an old book
and print it onto card and charge just shy of a fiver.

i guess this one is kind of nice though.
plenty of bubble filling scope.

i like retaw.
they take the word "water" and flip it for their brand name,
then sell magic trees in different shapes for £15 or so, but they're so slightly
fragranced that they also sell you perfume you can spray onto them to re-charge
the things.
what kind of fool would buy into such items ?

and finally...
fast forward to july 2018 and gareth bale holds aloft the world cup
after wales beat brazil 8-0 in the final.

what ?

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