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Friday, 20 June 2014

iphone friday ( the quick post of shame )

a few quick iphone pics from recent times.

breakfast at the towers one sunday a few weeks ago.
note welsh honey.

some of mrs w's new socks

me, modelling the latest in the range of n7 tees.
'we the north'

team whitfield sneakers at the albion.

the new tate modern effort.

oh !

admiring sir paul smith's socks.

admiring sir paul smith's balls.

triple cooked chips.
they are genius.
i have yet to try crispy best bits of chips though.

i won't lie.
i can't remember what these even were.
maybe chicken croquettes or something.

oh !
thee are lamb pastillas.
they are very nice but they are hotter than the surface of the sun.

we the north.

yes, these t-shirts are for sale by the way. with n7 print on the sleeve.

a photo of mine in the sunday telegraph magazine.

some new converse i was given.
made out of aran jumpers or something like that.
aran wool anyway.

about to get stuck into a tart.

ok that's enough of that.

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