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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

chris from tronno

last tuesday. the day before i headed to tokyo, i met up with my old friend chris.

he was over from toronto for a few days and he found time in his busy schedule to
meet up with me for a pint and a scotch egg.

we had tentatively arranged to meet at the british museum at 1pm
but for some reason chris didn't return any of my text messages the day before.

i went to the british museum anyway and amused myself by taking photos of tourists
taking photos of themselves.
i'll show you a few more of them in a later post but this one is interesting because...

well, i waited for chris for ages and he never replied to my texts.
then at 1.30pm he emerged from a crowd of tourists, pulling along his suitcase
and told me that his phone died the day before and he just came along to the british museum on the off-chance that i'd be here. he'd been hanging around for 20 minutes or so looking for me.

it was only when i got home and edited my pics that i saw this photo which i took
20 minutes or so before chris spotted me.

by now i'm sure you can guess the punchline.

yes. that's chris in the background on the left hand side, pulling along a suitcase
and carrying a shoulder bag.

anyway, we headed for a pub and settled down with the promised pints and scotch eggs
and while chris made some emergency ( ish ) calls using my phone,
guess what ?
i fixed his iphone.

skill !
i'm an apple genius but the kind you don't need to make an appointment for.

after the snack and beverage we skulked downstairs to take some moody photos of each other. i guess this always happens when two photographers meet up.
here chris helpfully helps out with the lighting using his newly restored iphone.

by the way... maybe it's a canadian thing but chris calls toronto, "tronno"

i think he's trying to look as miserable as me in this pic.

and finally
giving it the old bad cop / bad cop routine.

great to see you amigo.

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