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Monday, 16 June 2014

a few photos from tokyo

when i was in tokyo just over a week ago, it poured down every second
of every day i was there.
if you know me by now you'll know that whenever i go to tokyo i always head to the same place straight away, it has a tiny little garden ( above )

that's right.
omotesando koffee.

when i go to tokyo i also buy ( too many ) socks.
this gentleman works in a great little shop on jungu mae
and sold me a few pairs.

here's another pic of him
i couldn't decide which frame i liked the best, so here you are...
you choose. just look at the one you prefer.

sleeping in tokyo always seems to be problematical.
waking up at 4am is no problem though.
neither is grabbing some breakfast at such an early hour.
mcdonalds next to my hotel.
double sausage and egg mcmuffin with bacon and cheese.
sneaky hash brown ? why not ?

i had to explain to a japanese friend of mine what "sneb yn besco dam"
means in english, after i gave him a coleg bywyd wristband.

another day, another trip to omotesando koffee in the rain.

this time i photographed the barista.

inside the pool at aoyama i photographed myself.

and underneath a walkway in shibuya i did a sneaky portrait of gustodaninja.

continuing with my fisheye lens i did a photo inside go-go curry,
also in shibuya.

and finally a close-up of my meal of choice.
chicken katsu curry with extra cheese.

like a diamond bullet through the temple !

pure genius !

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