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Friday, 13 June 2014

friday's blog post ( back on track )

i'm back on track. 
one post per day from now on.

here are a few pics i had kicking around and a few from tokyo last week.

on a furniture shoot a couple of weeks ago.
these days i'm pretty much always wearing my sock hat.

not that i have a hat made from socks you understand. more that i have
more than a passing interest in socks and pretty soon i'm going to be asking
you to put your hands in your pockets and actually purchase some socks from me.

more to come on this over the next few weeks.

what i mean is, i'm always looking at ( and photographing ) people's socks
these days.

am i still interested in the sneaker game ?

heck yes i am.
check out these additions to my crate.
undefeated x converse auckland racers.
genius !

one of the two new membership cards i'm expecting over the next week or so.
this one is my card for barts... my second favourite london club.

a japanese bloke bought this for me last week.
i thought it was going to be hot.
but it was cold.

it was still great though.

my footwear on hotel carpet in shibuya last week.
camo happy socks and nike htm flyknits.

my hotel in shibuya was five minutes walk away from the hotel i stayed in previously.
so whenever i went for a walk i would spot n7 stickers still in place.

i remember putting this one up at 4am after my first rubbish sleep last november.

on the railings outside atmos.

on the left hand side of the window frames at atmos.

joined by a new n7 sticker.

this one is outside the stüssy harajuku store.

an ankle level phone charger outside a shop,
just opposite stüssy.

some graffiti on a wall in harajuku.

this young lady made me the first decent coffee of my trip.
she works in a place called lattest.

it's a two minute walk from omotesando coffee 
( which was late opening this day due to coffee machine problems )

ok more tomorrow.

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