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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

tuesday's blog post

i think i'm up to date now...

here are three pics i just found. iphone pics from
when i was in beijing a couple of years ago.
the hotel i stayed at was called the opposite house.
i would have to say it's the best city hotel i've ever slept badly in.

i think if you search for opposite house on my blog you'll see other pics.
it really is a great looking place.

obviously i spent a bit of time shooting the outside of the hotel. it was a
corking building. though no doubt i took this pic because i could see my reflection in the glass.

and another similar pic.
i remember spending a fair amount of time waiting outside the hotel for our
driver to sort his life out.
at the bottom right corner you can see the boss and the writer.

i'm not sure if they were joking with us but...
this dessert we had one night...
well after we'd eaten it the writer and the chef told us it was frog spit.

some proper pics now.
of some proper shoes.
tease pics really.
that icy outsole though...

leather midsole too.

metal n7 deubres on the spare laces.

orange top eyelets.

leather n7 deubres.

different coloured pivot points on each shoe.
red for port, green for starboard, right ?

oh and finally for today
a sneaky self-portrait at a shoot i did yesterday where i brought n7 misery to w1.

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