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Tuesday, 24 June 2014


this world cup situation is getting me behind with blogging.

well... that's my excuse.

so let's publish a few pics now, for yesterday's post then a few more for today.

i bumped into a chap wearing one of my n7 t-shirts the other day.
what are the chances ?

you do the maths.

number of people in the world
( or should it be the number of people in england... or london ? )
divided by 20 ( number of t-shirts printed )

anyway, it was quite a coincidence. right ?

less of a coincidence was this
me posing up with four girls i'd just photographed...
them smiling and me looking miserable.

one of the girls

one of the girls in black and white.

la niƱa wearing her england t-shirt

my special boy wearing his england shirt

the new england crest i designed for the next world cup campaign

mrs w wearing her new england tee

and finally...
my version of the pre-match player introduction videos
with me wearing my new england tee.

sorry about the words underneath. i cribbed the video off instagram and couldn't get rid of them.

the gist was that the tees are for sale with all proceeds going to lupus uk.

anybody want one ?

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