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Monday, 2 June 2014

sunday good times

yesterday ( sunday was good )

i had a raspberry, blueberry, cranberry and banana smoothie for breakfast
which was good for me.

then i visited a family in n7
who represented in a big way.

i was given a jolly nice jacket
which i'm going to pretend is from belgium.

later i went for a walk in regent's park
where the flowers and cut grass made me sneeze.

but i soon cheered up with this bacon and cheese thing
which i'm going to pretend i got from a belgian place.

after scoffing the quiche pie, i admired my sneakers
which gave me the idea to do some more sneaky sneaker photography
( like in yesterday's post ) 

so i did.

pics to follow tomorrow.

anyway, sunday...

good times

cymru am byth.

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