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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

replacement blog post for monday

on monday instead of blogging i was travelling back to sunny n7 from rainy tokyo.

it's nice that the platform for the narita express is the furthest platform to get to
at shibuya station.
this was me taking a breather and photographing my luggage on the schlep to
platform 4.

and this was me taking a breather and photographing me when i finally got to 
platform 4
hmmm... my jacket isn't really that bright by the way.

patiently waiting for the narita express, this is what i looked down onto.
a heap of camo.
mandarina duck suitcase, muni carry on case ( which went into the hold )
converse backpack and bape x porter shoulder bag.
oh and a can of coffee.

i did the old fast track thing through check-in and in a matter of moments i was 
larding it up in the japan airlines lounge
wading into what my friend alan batter would term "free piss"

i looked down at the floor
and noted my new camp bapestas, strawberry kitkats, sock club london socks
and my passport.

was i irked that the carpet pattern didn't run parallel to the wall ?


was i the first passenger onto flight ba006 from narita to heathrow t5 ?
yes i was.

did i opt for meatball pasta instead of the vegetarian option ?
does the pope shit in the woods ?

though i was pleased to see england's green and pleasant land,
i was a little disappointed to note that the british airways plane was as
filthy as a frenchman.
what ?

at baggage carousel 9
was i so busy photographing my new sneakers that i didn't notice one of my cases
go by ?
you may think that...
... i couldn't possibly comment.

when i got through to the arrivals hall the first thing i did was to bump
my trolley over to costa coffee and grab a flat white.
in fairness it was surprisingly decent.

i tried to be miserable about missing japanese coffee and being back in the rubbish 
london weather.

but in fairness, the coffee was good and the weather was miles better in london
than it was in tokyo.

so i smiled to myself.

well, i looked miserable but inwardly i was happy.

the end.

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