snapshots and observations

Thursday, 31 October 2013

finalhome and me... and lulu

here's me and finalhome on our holiday in santorini a few weeks ago
i'm the one on the left... with the €6 fake ray bans.

and again
what ?

and today's eurovision song that i have on my iphone playlist
comes from lulu and from the year 1969.

you have to remember that these are the live eurovision songs i'm posting here
the studio versions are generally much better.
perhaps get yourself on itunes and buy this song, it's a gem.

on a side note, it's nice to see my friend gerry conducting the band.
( using his stage name, johnny harris )

and also you know i love time travel right ?
i think lulu is a time traveller of sorts.
this was 1969 but isn't it true that say 30 years later she was a lot hotter ?

or is it just me ?
( and that bloke from take that )

another eurovision gem tomorrow.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

new york cocktails and "cry"

here's a place in new york that i did a cocktail shoot at a few weeks ago
it's pretty nice i suppose.
oh who am i kidding, it's a great place.

here's a cocktail i photographed
in case you were wondering, of course i didn't drink it.
i had a beer instead.

and here's a wider shot of the cocktail
i should have got somebody to take an even wider shot of me standing on the bar
and almost falling off trying to photograph it.

and today's eurovision hit...
i was going to save this until last because it's my favourite eurovision song of all time.
but i couldn't wait.
suus by rona nishliu representing albania in 2012.
sadly this only came 5th ( but the winner was a gem )

i like this song for many reasons.
there's a version she did in english which is very good too.
nice lyrics and all that.

but it's all about her hobsons really.

i haven't heard singing like this since me and alan batter were doing karaoke
back in mongolia during 1997

somebody put that woman in a sci-fi film as an alien queen.

more photos and eurovision memories tomorrow.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

hmmm and hmmm-er



very interesting
can you guess what's going to happen ?

and for those of you who don't find this interesting enough, i've decided to share
a guilty pleasure with you.


i don't know what it is but i do like eurovision and in my iphone music folder
i have quite a few gems from over the years.

so why don't i share one a day with you until i get bored or you bombard me with
messages to stop ?

first up, from 1970

dana, with all kinds of everything.

honestly, i stand by this song. i think it stands the test of time.

more tomorrow.

Monday, 28 October 2013

representing n7

my boy steven in new york city
representing n7

chico ( londonnoname )
feeling the n7 misery.

i'd like to think he's contemplating getting an n7 tattoo here.

and jimmy. the legend.
all part of team n7.

do you want to see more ?

 i'll introduce you to the rest sometime soon.

anybody interested in representing n7 ?

i thought not.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

n7 in new york city

do you ever notice all the stickers in the soho district of new york ?

here are a few photos i took of some the other week.



what ?

leave it.


you see what's going on here right ?

n7 is representing in a big way in nyc

n7 t-shirts would be a good idea don't you think ?

oh come on...

Saturday, 26 October 2013

more iphone nonsense

lets fast forward a little to monday in new york.

i had a cocktail shoot
this is an ice cube ball. 
but i guess it's not a cube is it ?
an ice ball i suppose.

as you know, i don't drink cocktails
finalhome seemed to be interested though

a little while after the shoot i treated myself to a spot of lunch
chilli con carne on rice with cheese.

how do you feel about dollars ?
it kind of annoys me that they're all the same size

after my fine bowl of chilli and getting annoyed about dollars,
i headed down to soho to see some friends at stüssy
i'm the one on the right.

after teaching the new york stüssy crew a thing or two about posing i went 
out onto the streets of soho and noticed a strange phenomenon.

one that i'll tell you about tomorrow.

Friday, 25 October 2013

iphone friday

i know, i know.
lots of iphone pics recently.

here's another batch from my new york adventure last month.

some af-1's i bought in flight club.
those fat laces will have to go.

they're all one piece and the panels are etched.
not bad !

on the sunday in new york i met up with these good people.
k-storm and bake

k-storm brought some rose, bake brought pizza.
what did i bring to the table ?

that's right.
i brought finalhome with me.

and there we are. 
team n7.
bringing a little bit of misery to mercer street.


another one of my legendary celeb paparazzi pics.
this was michael stipe from r.e.m.

and a self-portrait seconds later to show how shiny happy i was to have seen him.

more nonsense tomorrow.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

some iphone pics

more iphone pics.

sneakersncoffee at vagabond n7 a few weeks ago

some graphic novels in a shop window in soho.
i think my intention was to photoshop my friend benito's face
onto one of the characters... which i may well do at a later stage.

some trainers i bought a couple of weeks ago.
atmos air max 90's
only available in one shop in the world in japan.

when i arrived back from new york a few weeks ago, this was waiting for me.
mrs w had bought me a present.
quite possibly gift of the year.

for me this is every bit as fantastic a spectacle as the changing of the guard
at buckingham palace.
the midnight re-stocking of greggs.
pure magic.

iphone friday tomorrow then.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

ace hotel shop nyc

a couple of years ago when i was in new york i visited the ace hotel shop.

while i was there... i couldn't resist.
knocking out a sneaky self-portrait.

maybe 6 months later i was back in new york and...
boom !
another self-portrait.

well you know what's coming next.
right ?
i was in new york last month so...
grrr !
sadly they moved the central display forward a little so i had to stand closer to the camera.
but anyway, it was a great relief to me to tick that box and to move on for a coffee.

and to photograph a flat white standing in the same place i stood on the previous two visits.

you think i'm joking ?

wait until tomorrow then.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

random iphone pics

let's take another break from new york iphone photos and
show you some phone nonsense from elsewhere.

genius !
a chicken nugget type thing that looks like an af-1

as if finding a parking space in w1 isn't hard enough.
look how the idiot in the white car parked.

mine is the red fiat 500 and i just managed to squeeze into the bay.
grrr !

is there any chance ?

those who know me will know only too well that i have a bit of a thing for lemon drizzle cake.
this was ok but there was an unacceptably small amount of icing involved.
moisture levels were good.
there was a reasonably high zest factor involved but there was definite scrimping on the icing.

oh... it was free so i shouldn't moan too much.

tea is not really my cup of tea.
you know that.
but when i'm forced to drink it, or rather there was no coffee on offer and i needed
something to help me get over the lack of lemon icing on a piece of cake...
well in a case like that i choose greet tea.
this one tasted kind of nice.
have you ever had the green tea in wagamama ?
dishwater right ?

what the what ?!
outrageously bad parking, sketchy lemon drizzle cake, no coffee and then i look around and somebody is wearing these shoes.

it was turning out to be quite a day.

Monday, 21 October 2013

more new york iphone pics

breakfast on sunday morning
i know it's a rubbish photo but i wanted to show you my sunday breakfast.
it's the same as the previous day but in a different diner.
corned beef hash, poached eggs and potatoes.
what's with the orange by the way ?

my hotel
the hudson

it's a pretty good hotel in my opinion
although people always seem to moan about the staff for some reason.
i stand by it anyway. i like it a lot.
it looks good and it's in a great area.
a bit like whitfield towers... *cough

it has great lift interiors at least
what ?

i won't lie, i have loads of other new york iphone pics but i'm having a nightmare
today so i'm going to pack this in for today and post them tomorrow.

until then...