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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

new york cocktails and "cry"

here's a place in new york that i did a cocktail shoot at a few weeks ago
it's pretty nice i suppose.
oh who am i kidding, it's a great place.

here's a cocktail i photographed
in case you were wondering, of course i didn't drink it.
i had a beer instead.

and here's a wider shot of the cocktail
i should have got somebody to take an even wider shot of me standing on the bar
and almost falling off trying to photograph it.

and today's eurovision hit...
i was going to save this until last because it's my favourite eurovision song of all time.
but i couldn't wait.
suus by rona nishliu representing albania in 2012.
sadly this only came 5th ( but the winner was a gem )

i like this song for many reasons.
there's a version she did in english which is very good too.
nice lyrics and all that.

but it's all about her hobsons really.

i haven't heard singing like this since me and alan batter were doing karaoke
back in mongolia during 1997

somebody put that woman in a sci-fi film as an alien queen.

more photos and eurovision memories tomorrow.

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