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Tuesday, 1 October 2013


while my blogging nonsense has taken a back seat recently,
let me show you something from the various shoots i've been editing this week.

an out-take from an interiors shoot i did last friday.
these are the owners of the restaurant, the chef and the manager.
this was the next to last shot of the day.

can you guess what the next shot was ?

after i photographed the artist patrick-earl barnes last week a photography
student took a few photos of him too.
you know i like photographing photographers, right ?

out-take from an interiors shoot when a little doggy came into frame

guests arriving for an outdoor wedding ceremony
with a moody sky.

some sort of food.

obviously i've somehow found time to edit photos of myself too.
this gem was in a gallery in harlem.

more nonsense tomorrow.

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