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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

wedding pics

i photographed a great wedding the other week.
in fact i just this minute finished editing the pics.

it's a bit rude to share the pics here before i give them to the happy couple
but perhaps i'll be ok showing a few anonymous images that aren't exactly 
important ?

ok here goes, 5 pics i liked at the wedding.

the first photo of the day that i took.
girls getting ready with freshly painted nails.

the bride's parents anxiously awaiting the first guests.

the remains of a guest's wedding lunch.
that's right... fish and chips at the reception.
genius !

a baby.
what was the matter with this guy ?
what had he spotted ?
the fish and chip van perhaps ?

you know i always like to leave you with a self-portrait.
so here i am during the night-time party thing looking very smart in my whistle,
silk bape camo tie and er... an elephant head.

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