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Sunday, 20 October 2013

nine photos from "the island"

i'll take a break from my iphone pics from new york
and today show you a few pics i took when i visited "the island" a few weeks ago.

i'm not exactly sure what this was.
it was a shop right next to where i parked and this is what i saw through
the window. i think it was a hairdressers, though maybe it was an art gallery.

this dog was funny.
it seemed to me that he owned a little arcade full of strange little shops.
he certainly gave the impression he was in charge anyway.

i must admit, i nearly bought this little lion fellow.
it was a shop full of brewery and alcohol paraphernalia.
i think i was put off when the shopkeeper told me it was french.

for any french people out there, i think i was put off when the shopkeeper 
told me it was from belgium.

for any belgians out there... what ?

er... a shop selling world war two type stuff.

i swear i must have a million frames like this. 
where for some reason i'm testing out the autofocus on my camera.
does anybody out there know anything about palm reading ?
and please don't tell me my lifeline expires in november 2013.

a tea-towel promoting sheffield.
a strange find on "the island" don't you think ?

skill !
i do like a saucy postcard and the island has it's own museum.

the reason being that the island has quite a history regarding saucy postcards.

and finally, you can't beat a chip shop name pun... right ?
for instance the local chippy where i used to live was called "the fishician"

does anybody out there know of any other decent chippy names ?

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  1. there was one we went to in devonport, nz, run by two gay fellas that was called 'the cod piece'.