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Friday, 18 October 2013

iphone friday

ok, a few iphone pics from new york the other week.

after checking into room 1074 or whatever it was, and after taking a self-portrait 
in the mirror. i suddenly felt hank marvin.
i guess i hadn't eaten since the bacon butties in the british airways lounge about 10
hours earlier.

i was so hank that i almost forgot to photograph my first bite in new york.
the sandwich had some sort of name. maybe it was a philly steak and cheese ?
i can't exactly remember but the sandwich was magic darts.
for some reason it was delivered to me in a plastic box with some crisps chucked in
( and also some sort of bogus green thing )
as a nod to healthy eating and to my favourite colour i had a big glass of fresh oj too.

on the way back to my room i took a sneaky photo of the hotel bar
last time i spent some time in that bar i'd just been playing pool all night with a.j.
from the backstreet boys. does that count as name-dropping ?

then up to my room via the lift of shame
i love the texture of the lift walls in the hudson hotel.
they seem to match my misery so i always try and shot a self-portrait
every time i use it. well, when i'm alone in it anyway.

oh... back in the room i took a photo of my first new york purchase
genius !

i then headed out to soho to see a couple of friends
in spring street i spotted an n7 sticker
right next to a big pigeon sticker.

after a chat with my friends and buying a few pairs of socks,
i headed back to the hotel, via the local cornershop where i stocked up on
essentials... you know, hair product and... well, just hair product really.
i was mightily impressed with the milk stock at the corner shop.
cymru am byth !

then up in the lift again
standard procedure.

then i had a shoot in harlem, came back to the hotel,
grabbed some food and a beer and hit the sack

when i awoke in the morning i saw this.
typical !

more tomorrow.

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