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Thursday, 31 October 2013

finalhome and me... and lulu

here's me and finalhome on our holiday in santorini a few weeks ago
i'm the one on the left... with the €6 fake ray bans.

and again
what ?

and today's eurovision song that i have on my iphone playlist
comes from lulu and from the year 1969.

you have to remember that these are the live eurovision songs i'm posting here
the studio versions are generally much better.
perhaps get yourself on itunes and buy this song, it's a gem.

on a side note, it's nice to see my friend gerry conducting the band.
( using his stage name, johnny harris )

and also you know i love time travel right ?
i think lulu is a time traveller of sorts.
this was 1969 but isn't it true that say 30 years later she was a lot hotter ?

or is it just me ?
( and that bloke from take that )

another eurovision gem tomorrow.

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