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Friday, 1 November 2013

iphone friday and vicky

ok, let's revisit new york with a few more iphone pics

i was walking down spring street one day and heard a voice shout out "mark"
it was this lad. my friend steven who works for stüssy.
and he was representing n7 like a boss.

steven is also a big af-1 fan.
as you may just be able to make out here, he's wearing the traditional nyc
af-1's... all white with gum bottoms.
i was representing london.

sock club ?

members only ?

( ok, more information on sockclub to come soon )

exiting the hudson hotel for the last time

final self-portrait

i'd been in the yellow cab to the airport for about 2 minutes by this stage
and the driver had narrowly missed two cars a couple of tourists and a horse.
we were still in midtown manhattan and already had white knuckles.

i was thinking to myself, if i die in this cab i want people to find my phone and see
my last photos so they could piece together what happened.

and for my family to sue the driver if he survived.
it was like being in a video arcade driving game, honestly.

of course i got to jfk safe and sound and being british i thanked the driver for
a wonderful drive and gave him a tip.

and today's eurovision gem.
i love this tune.
even though she's singing in french
and even though she looks a little like my friend gerry in drag.
ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for vicky

love is blue or something like that.

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