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Sunday, 3 November 2013

new york snapshots and teach-in

today in a shock move, some new york photos that i didn't
do with my iphone.

self-portrait in the library bar at the hudson hotel.
( representing n7 )

on my way to flight club on the saturday, i chanced upon a farmers market.
don't new yorkers have pears available in supermarkets ?
you know, all clean and packed in plastic ?

what the heck !?
are those carrots the wrong colour or what ?

i really hate carrots.

oh my word !
all sorts of reject tomatoes.
some the wrong shape, others the wrong pantone shade.
all sorts of wrong.

posing up with steven at stüssy
trying to teach him the n7 pose.

i wasn't happy with the background in the previous shot so we moved
behind the counter.
my apprentice was a little too smiley so i advised him to watch me and learn.

and there you have it.
queens x n7
the beginning of a collab.

then back to my hotel
( after unsuccessfully papping the singer from r.e.m. )

ok, eurovision time again.

i love this tune...
but how come my friend gerry is playing the piano on this one ?

oh well... teach-in from holland with another cracker that i have 
on my itunes library and think you should own too.

great lyrics right ?


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