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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

photographing ice and playing with fire

do you like cocktails ?

i really can't stand them.
it's a long story involving cat deeley, the st martin's lane hotel, burger king
and moby dick.

but although i don't like drinking them, i do like photographing them.

here i some i shot in new york a few weeks ago.

no idea what it was but it smelled nice.

it was breakfast time when i photographed the cocktails, so i was even less
bothered than usual.

nice ice ball though

and again with different lighting

and a different angle.

er... a cocktail with smoke involved.
give me a beer any day.

a smokey cocktail.

and from smoke to fire...

don't judge me.
i love this tune.

though on a health and safety front i really cannot endorse
playing with fire.
especially in close proximity to a perspex piano.

i think there might be one or two more eurovision songs that i like
then that will bring this exciting series ( what ? )
to a close.

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