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Friday, 8 November 2013

iphone friday and euphoria

iphone friday right ?

you know the drill.

stash af-1's and a flat white at no.26

the spoon game is always on point at no.26
i like the blackpool one the best

oh hello
do you take sugar ?
( no thank-you turkish... i'm sweet enough )

those pesky stash af-1's
the outsole keeps coming away from the mid
so i superglue them back and press hard on the sole for a while.
possibly for too long.

official sockclub members seating on the back rows of the number 43
we need to talk about sock club don't we ?

and finally for today, another sneakersncoffee pic
converse 70's chucks and a flat white at taylor street baristas in brighton.

and finally

i know i said no more eurovision but i checked and there's one more eurovision 
song i have on my itunes 

i think the girl is kate bush's more hyperactive sister.
or maybe the lady who's badly locked up in jane eyre.

anyway here she is... loreen.

and that's it i promise. no more eurovision.

more iphone pics tomorrow though.

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