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Thursday, 7 November 2013

the new sneakers and the new seekers

some new sneakers have arrived at whitfield towers recently.

did i show you these already ?
japan only atmos camo air max 90's

converse x maison martin margiela jack purcells
( full story to follow soon )

nike af-1 year of the rooster editions.
the missing piece in my collection.

ok, one last eurovision song for you all.
i was going to show you "apres toi" by vicky from 1972
because it's the same girl who sung "l'amour est bleu" in 1967
and then 5 years later she entered again and this time she won.

then i realised that i pretty much hate that song.

so i thought i'd end with this gem

"beg, steal or borrow" by the new seekers
it's also from 1972
i should add a disclaimer here and now that i don't like this song.
all the others i've shown i honestly like but this one i don't.

i am just showing it because i like the clothes and the haircuts.

what ?

iphone friday tomorrow and no eurovision.

1 comment:

  1. white air force one's with gum / ice soles... my true weakness.

    makes it even better that they're the year of the rooster editions!