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Sunday, 10 November 2013

iphone sunday

iphone sunday it is then.

these are maison martin margiela converse chuck taylors.
do you know about them ?
they are 70's style chucks with leather insoles and sock liners, leather tongue
lining and then they are dipped in white paint.
the idea being that each person's shoes will crack in a unique way.

they are coloured underneath the paint. my pair were originally red.

even the soles are painted white.
which makes them more slippy than somewhat when you first wear them.

i debuted mine on a flight to santorini a few weeks ago.
although i guess the idea is for them to crack naturally,
i was a little too impatient for that.
plus i'm not a big fan of all-white shoes so on the flight
i gave them a little helping hand.

the flight from gatwick to santorini was pretty good anyway,
but it got even better when i was given a free twix .
what a touch !

it's hard to believe my day could get any better after the free twix
but it did when i saw the view from the hotel i was staying at.

here's a panaromic view of the thing.

the hotel sent a bottle of pop and some snacks to the honeymoon suite
( that's right )
i dipped this little sesame seed coated breadstick thing into a dish of spicy oil,
pulled it out and it looked like this.
like a cartoony snake-type fellow

next morning breakfast arrived
this was phase one.

and this was phase two.
the little round-ish things were sausages by the way.

it was just as i was tucking into my breakfast that i spotted that the big
parasols at the hotel, when packed away seemed to cast some very strange
shadows onto the white walls.

i decided to take a photo of one to show you...


what ?!

ok, more iphone holiday pics tomorrow.

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