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Monday, 4 November 2013

the man of leather and sandie shaw

a friend of mine has...
well, i would't call it a leather fetish as such.

but he likes things made out of leather.

i hadn't seen him for a couple of years but when we met at the monocle
cafe last week the first thing he did was to plonk something old and leathery
onto the table.

i told him that a handshake was more customary in the big city
( he's from the shires )
so he put it away and produced this.
a leather iphone case by the superior labor.
made in japan obviously and i should imagine it's a limited edition.

of course he hasn't got an iphone
but his little block of kendall mint cake fitted in there perfectly

when i'd finished admiring the iphone case he put it away and pulled out this
some sort of leather wallet. once again made in japan, once again
designed to make me turn a little more green with wallet-envy

so there i was. out accessorised by a young whippersnapper from hereford.

we necked back our coffees and agreed to meet again in another two years or so.

moving on...

i love this song.
true story i have it on my ipod in english, spanish and german.
and if you can make a song sung in german likeable then you know
you're onto something good, right ?

sandie shaw, puppet on a string from 1967.

ps. sack the bloke at the sound desk who forgot to fade her mic up at the beginning.
grrr !

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