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Sunday, 17 November 2013

sunday statue things

the other saturday i was at parliament square and i noticed that some of the statues 
had little carved scenes on the plinths below them.
i took a photo of the four sides underneath one of the statues.

so what's going on here ?
bloke 2nd in from the left checking out some other bloke's bum ?
some people littering at the foot of the stairs.
and the lad at the top of the stairs... has he got any trousers on ?

the two blokes on the left ignoring the debate and discussing football.
and the chap on the right looks like he's found a wallet or something.

i have no idea what's going on here.
any ideas ?
what can you see ?
what's that bloke on the right looking at in the box ?

the fellow sitting down on the left is wishing he was somewhere else.
i like that the bloke who's just coming in and taking his hat off
has annoyed the chap in front of him.
i hate sitting near a door when people keep coming in.

oh, that's it really.

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