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Saturday, 2 November 2013

iphone saturday and france gall

i have a big backlog of iphone pics to show you from new york, the island,
santorini and good old n7.

but before i go back in time to the oldest pics, let me show you the last iphone
photo i took.

it's finalhome, just before he went trick or treating the other night.
yes he was armed with a cheese knife and wearing his little ice hockey mask.
good lad.

and now to catch up with some old iphonery

hand delivering an n7 t-shirt to a bloke who bought one after being recommended by
a bloke in japan.
long story as per.

some pierre hardy hi-tops i seriously thought about buying.
they were signed as well.

so... a few weeks ago i had a shoot on "the island"
on the early morning ferry i treated myself to breakfast.
sadly i was too hank to make a face with it so i just wolfed it down.

before my shoot i went to have a poke around at ryde.
there were loads of old school saucy postcards on show.

it turns out that ryde was raided back in the 50's and a load of naughty postcards were seized.
so now they celebrate the fact by housing a naughty postcard museum.
naturally i went in to check it out, oh and they have a cafe at the musum
selling durian candy.

do you know durian ?
they have them a lot in thailand and you see really official signs in hotels
and in fact in the hospitals saying "no durians allowed"
so given the choice between a durian candy or a tunnocks chocolate teacake
what do you think i chose ?

this was the roof of the museum

ok, looking at the museum full of postcards which were deemed illegal
and scandalous back in the day, i found it hard to see why.
there was nothing rude about them to me.
nothing particularly funny either.


ok this one made me smile a little.

that's right. the museum had a whole section of postcards labelled
"laughing at the scots"

after a couple of hours spent merrily laughing at scottish people i had my sides
stitched up again and figured it was time for lunch.
myself and la niña went to a pub which was recommended to me by a friend
who is from "the island"
i had chips, steak and island ale pie, mushy peas and gravy.
it was immense.

me posing at a beach hut near gurnard ?
as you can see i'm representing n7.
( photo by la niña )

the place i'd been commissioned to shoot at is owned and run by a good friend
of mine "h" and her husband ben.
so i was pretty confident that i'd be offered a coffee.
sure enough, after a little catching up and playful banter "h"
made me a flat white. it was genius.

"h" even chipped in with assisting duties while me and ben took a load of
stupid phone pics of her.
i don't know if it comes over in pics but "h" always reminds me of kiera knightley.
no ?

as evening approached i caught the ferry back to southampton,
saluted and said farewell to the island.

the island treated me well.

ok, moving on to everybody's new favourite feature...
what ?

such is my love of eurovision that i like this tune even though the odds 
are stacked against it.
it's sung in french and the girl's name is france !
what the what ?!

once again, trust me, it's worth checking out the studio version on itunes
and chucking 79p at it

i like the orchestra on this one. especially the drummer.
oh and the sweet somewhat relieved smile she gives when she realises 
the song ( and her live singing ordeal ) is over.

does she look a little like sienna miller ?

more nonsense tomorrow.

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